“The key issue seemed to be control over the oil boom across Oklahoma. The White power structure did not want this oil boom being controlled by Blacks or Native Americans.”
― Robin Walker, The Rise and Fall of Black Wall Street


Black Conscious Clothing

Peace and Greetings! My name is David Muhammad, and I thank you for wanting to learn more About my store! My goal is to provide the Black and Brown Community with Black Conscious Clothing and to assist in the awakening of our people.  

Madman Threads is a site that was created out of a passion for wearing various types of clothing and accessories all related to the Black Power Movement, Black Consciousness, Black Pride and Black Unity!

Why I Started Madman Threads

I’ve always been passionate about the conscientious upliftment and awakening of my people, I typically found myself ordering clothing and gifts all related to the Black Power Movement off Amazon so I decided to make my own store and feature some of my favorite items.

I found myself always searching online for Conscious, Black Power clothing and had a difficult time alwaysblack conscious clothing finding exactly what I was looking for, I created this site as a channel to help finding new clothes, gifts, and accessories with ease and reliability.

On this site you will find various types of Conscious clothing and accessories, I am still currently adding new products and content for the site. We have added various types of items such as custom T-Shirts, Hoodies, and crewneck sweatshirts, Tank Tops, Long Sleeve T-Shirts, Tote Bags, and Mugs!

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